Vox Populi Competition

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Roots Vox Populi KioskRoots was invited to submit an entry into the ‘Vox Populi Kiosk’ design competition. Run by Skirmishes, a new design focused charity; the aim was to create a space where the public’s criticism and delight of their built environment could be recorded. The resulting insight into public opinion could then help drive debate and create positive community initiatives.

The Kiosk was to be for 2 people and visually and acoustically separate from its surroundings. It had to be 3m³ and made from demountable modular units composed from 1675x1485mm 4mm corrugated card sheets. The overall form needed to be robust, replicable and visually striking. An area for a laptop, and a simple opening were also necessary. The Kiosk was to be part of the James Morrison Street Festival on Saturday 18th September as part of Glasgow’s Doors Open Programme 2010.

Our design took inspiration from other historical forms of mass communication; the phone box or letter box. By taking a lead from infrastructures which are common to all communities, we hoped that the VOX POX BOX would give the public something to identify with. We hoped this would then help to stimulate the intended debate about local issues.

The Kiosk was made from a series of panels that took their proportion from the main sheets. They all fitted together to create a simple enclosure derived from the human scale, providing a degree of isolation from the surroundings. A bench outside the Kiosk was included to encourage informal chit chat before entering the box itself.

Although our proposal was unsuccessful, the competition was an excellent and exciting opportunity that we were very grateful to be involved with. Above this, the James Morrison Street Festival will be a fantastic public event.

We look forward to seeing you there. Please get in touch for more information or visit www.skirmishes.org

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