Monthly Archives: November 2010


Renewable Energy Research

, Subject : Technical

Micheal is pleased to announce that he is commencing a Masters of Research part-time at the University of Strathclyde. The research topic will investigate the role which designers and rural communities can have in realising Scotland’s vast renewable potential.

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Visit to the Isle of Mull

, Subject : Workshops

Roots spent a day visiting the Isle of Mull earlier this week. We were there primarily to visit one of our new Clients and their prospective project on the South of the island. But we took the opportunity to travel round to get a better feel for Mull’s built environment. Read more


Cedric Price Exhibition

, Subject : Recognition

Architecture + Design Scotland invited Roots to submit a tender for an upcoming Cedric Price exhibition entitled ‘Think the Unthinkable’. Roots’ submission was a collaboration with Kathy Li, Lesley Palmer, Barnabas Calder and Graphical House. Read more


Strathclyde Expo

, Subject : Workshops

Roots hosted a stand at Strathclyde Expo 2010 in the Glasgow Science Centre. The event presented an opportunity for businesses to access the latest cutting edge research from academics. Read more