Cedric Price Exhibition

, Subject : Recognition

Priceless LogoArchitecture + Design Scotland invited Roots to submit a tender for an upcoming Cedric Price exhibition entitled ‘Think the Unthinkable’. Roots’ submission was a collaboration with Kathy Li, Lesley Palmer, Barnabas Calder and Graphical House.

Our submission was inspired by a quote by Price where he said that ‘I consider it unlikely that architecture and planning will match the contribution Hush Puppies have made to society today, let alone approach that of the transistor or loop, until a total reappraisal of its particular expertise is self-imposed, or inflicted from outside.’

Our proposal encouraged people to interrogate their deepest assumptions with the fun, vigorousness, and potentially life-changing radicalism of Price through a ‘Spectrometer’. This would prompt the public to question what they valued more; a family dinner table or a nearby take-away? A lock on your front door or to know your neighbours? X-Factor or space to have your friends round?

Unfortunately the submission was not successful but Roots enjoyed working with such a talented team on such an exciting submission.

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