Uist Housing Conference

, Subject : Inspiration, Workshops

Roots Design Workshop will be attending the Uist ‘Hard to Treat (HtT) Housing Conference’ in January 2011. Run by Sustainable Uist, the event seeks to discuss ways in which the standard of the island’s housing stock can be increased. In particular, the conference intends to address how HtT dwellings can be made more energy efficient.

Traditional or standard methods of improvement are often not appropriate due to the construction of the dwellings themselves and/or the isolated and exposed location of the sites. The conference will therefore include a series of workshops that will encourage the creation of innovative, low-tech solutions that cause minimal disruption to the inhabitants and the property. A series of informative lectures and exhibitions are also planned.

We are delighted to be invited to attend this exciting and interesting conference. We look forward to meeting everyone else who is attending.

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