Roots Invited To Studio Review

, Subject : Inspiration

Roots director Micheal was invited to be a guest panel-member at the recent Year One Studio Review at the Strathclyde University Architecture Department.

Students had been investigating notions of the meaning ‘shelter’, leading to the design of a simple space in which to occupy.  This included the project ‘Room Without a View’, where students were asked to design a shelter which had no site, in order to focus on internal qualities of the space.  Also included was the project ‘Room With a View’ where students were challenged to turn their initial designs into reality and construct them in a rural location for a real client, on a limited budget and develop an awareness of technology and H&S.

Micheal really enjoyed the experience and was impressed with the diversity of ideas on display in the student work.  He was particularly impressed by the team-work, organisation, and technical challenges which were overcome to build full-size versions of the shelters. Roots believe that there should be more of this collaborative, hands-on learning in University.

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