BDE Burns Supper Re-union


Micheal recently attended the Building Design Engineering (BDE) Burns Supper Re-union, which celebrated the graduation of the final year of BDE students last year.

BDE was an integrated course at the University of Strathclyde where Architects, Structural Engineers and Environmental Engineers worked together in a studio on a range of projects.  This meant that each student had a broad knowledge-base and an understanding of how other disciplines worked. 

This method of working formed the template for Roots, which integrates Architectural + Environmental Design into one service, and then uses this service to break down the perceived barriers between the public and the profession.

Highlights of the evening included Stirling Howieson’s speech, where he predicted that “…if Robbie Burns had wanted to study Architecture in Scotland in the past twenty years he would have chosen BDE…”  High praise indeed!

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