Monthly Archives: August 2011


Kit goes up at Katie’s Cottage

, Subject : Design

The timber kit at ‘Katie’s Cottage’ has been going up over the last few weeks. This has started to hint at the shapes created by the sunroom extension which the practice have been working on.  Read more


Salvation Army ‘Sitooterie’ Workshop

, Subject : Workshops

Roots Design Workshop are teaming up with Richard Campbell of Buro Happold to work with The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army approached the Team looking for an external sitting out area, ‘a Sitooterie’, to be built in the grounds of their Ashbrook Hostel in Edinburgh’s New Town.  Read more


Archivan Ayrshire Tour

, Subject : Workshops

Roots took the Archivan for a spin round Ayrshire yesterday. The Team travelled down to Dunure, through Irvine, Troon and Ayr. Two impromptu Workshops were held on the Ayr waterfront and outside Dunure Castle respectfully.  Read more


Roots Visit Scottish Museum

, Subject : Inspiration

The Team visited the newly refurbished Scottish Museum at the weekend. The Museum has recently reopened following a £47.4m refit, with sixteen new galleries and more than 8,000 objects on display.  Read more


Materials Library Design

, Subject : Design, Recognition

Roots have developed a concept and design for a Materials Library, prompted by Architecture and Design Scotland’s (A+DS) recent competition.  Read more


‘The Secret Life of Buildings’

, Subject : Inspiration

Roots have been watching the new Channel 4 series ‘The Secret Life of Buildings’.  Read more


Hadrian’s Wall Path Walk

, Subject : Inspiration

This weekend Roots Director Chris Hall completed the Hadrian’s Wall Path long distance walk. The 84 mile path follows the route of the historical wall from Wallsend in the east to Bowness in the west. Begun in AD 122 on the orders of Emperor Hadrian it was designed to define the northern boundary of the Roman Empire. Though most of the wall has long since gone it was originally built from stone and turf, reaching 3m wide and (approximately) 5m high in places. Read more