Salvation Army ‘Sitooterie’ Workshop

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The Salvation Army Kettlebell c/o The Salvation ArmyRoots Design Workshop are teaming up with Richard Campbell of Buro Happold to work with The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army approached the Team looking for an external sitting out area, ‘a Sitooterie’, to be built in the grounds of their Ashbrook Hostel in Edinburgh’s New Town. The project has been conceived as a outlet for the creative and practical skills of the Residents, to create a new space for them to enjoy. An initial Workshop with the Residents and Staff was held in April 2011. Here, it was established that the Sitooterie would be a small defined place where the Residents can relax outside, either in groups or individually, all year round.

Roots Director Chris commented ‘What makes this project so exciting is that the Residents themselves are to be fully engaged in the design and build process. Indeed, they will be taking the lead, and our role is to guide them through the process, which is a refreshing change.’

Therefore, The Team will be hosting two Workshops at the Hostel next week. The first Workshop on Tuesday will see those members of Staff and Residents involved in the project discuss and develop initial designs ideas with the design Team. Then on Friday the Team will present these designs to the entire Hostel and encourage those attending to discuss / debate the proposals. The aim then will be to create a final design which will go on to be built by the Residents.

Micheal, Roots’ other Director, commented ‘In the spirit of the project, the Team will be sourcing free and donated materials to build the Sitooterie. Because of this the designs will have to develop in a flexible way which makes for a challenging, and therefore hopefully more rewarding, outcome.’

Roots hope to be involved throughout the project, and to see the final design take shape and then eventually used by the Residents. This is an exciting and fantastic opportunity for Roots to work with a group of enthusiastic people for a great cause.

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