Roots visit Arran

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Roots' Isle of Arran VisitRoots went on a short but intensive study trip to the Isle of Arran recently.

Roots Director Micheal commented ‘I’ve always been interested in Arran as an island – it somehow seemed too big and to easy to get to but then getting on the ferry and seeing Goatfell grow as you approach Brodick gives you the sense that you’re going somewhere magical. I was particularly interested by the settlement pattern, which was much more dispersed than I imagined, and the big old farmhouses which have been sympathetically renovated.

My favourite site was the row of terraced houses on the North coast known locally as ‘the twelve apostles’ where each dormer window is treated distinctly so that fisherman at sea could recognise their house from afar. But most of importantly of all it’s an island which makes excellent cheese!’

Roots hope to return to Arran in the future. Roots Director Chris commented ‘We’d be really interested to work on Arran and to test how our architecture would work in the dramatic scenery. We look forwards to returning soon.’

If you live on Arran and have a project or community workshop in mind then please feel free to contact the us.

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