Roots attending self-build timber-frame course

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Roots are to attend a course learning hands-on skills for how to build revolutionary timber-frame houses. The course, at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), is running at the end of October and aims to teach participants about the Walter Segal method.

This is a sustainable low-tech method of construction which was developed by an architect who was unhappy with the traditional Architect / Client / Builder relationship and wanted to develop a system of timber-framed building which anyone could do. His system, which breaks the construction process down into seventeen core tasks, has been widely tested across England.

Roots Director Micheal commented that ‘I’m really excited about attending this course. Although I enjoy working with Clients and Builders in traditional contracts, we are always looking to challenge how our practice operates so I’m interested to learn about other ways of doing things. I am also looking forwards to improve my practical ‘hands-on’ skills and I think it will be really rewarding to stand back at the end of the week and admire the structure which we’ve built as part of a team.’

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