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Roots have been profiled as part of a series of articles, entitled ‘The New Wave’. The articles look at practices which have set up recently with innovative approaches to architecture. Roots were invited to discuss their work in general and, in particular, their experiences of working as Environmental Consultants. The article can be seen here at,

Chris, Roots Director and one of those interviewed in the article commented, ‘The article provided us with a great opportunity to present how we work to a new and wider audience. It is also a good feeling to be written about in the same context as a number of other larger and more established practices.’

Roots founder Micheal added, ‘Despite the title, we’ve never thought of ourselves as part of a particular scene or movement. We’ve set things up to do the kind of projects we’re interested in with the kind of people we like working with in a way which suits us, our families, and our community. Plus, as our ambitions for the future might change, we see the business as a vehicle to take us in lots of different directions, so we might end up as a totally different type of practice. Of course, it is great to be recognised as part of a ground-swell of young businesses working in exciting ways.’

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