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Wiston Lodge Shelter ProjectRoots Directors Chris and Micheal were guests at a Strathclyde University School of Architecture student design-build Workshop.  Held over 3 days at Wiston Lodge in the Scottish Borders, the Workshop was part of the first year project ‘To Shelter’.

The project brief was to ‘investigate the architectural notion of shelter’, and started with individual students designing a ‘contextual-less simple structure to provide basic shelter for two people that can either be seated or standing’.  The students then debated which ten structures should be built and which team should take them on-site through academic tutorials.  These were pre-fabricated in the University before being built at Wiston Lodge.

Chris and Micheal were invited to offer advice and support, and to help record the event.

Chris commented, ‘We were really impressed by the student’s creative responses to a tough brief.  Their enthusiasm, team work and flexibility on the day to see the designs built was also highly commendable.  This is all the more impressive when you consider that they have only been studying Architecture for 6 weeks!’

Micheal added, ‘It gave me great pleasure to watch new students taking part in a real-life project with a site, a client and a budget.  They also had to cope with the ‘curveballs’ thrown in by the tutors.  For example, one group assembled their pyramidal shelters in a small clearing in the morning.  By the afternoon, they had taken it to pieces, rotated it so the walls became the floor and then re-positioned it in the branches of a nearby tree…  and decorated it with fairy-lights!  This ability to think laterally and respond to conflicting suggestions from tutors should stand them in great stead’.

Chris and Micheal would like to thank Kathy Li for organising the event, and Lynne Cox and Emma Donnelly for their help.

Images of the event can be seen here.

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