Roots attend CAT Self-Build Course

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Roots recently attended a course forCAT Self-Build Course people interested in building their own timber kit houses.  The course, which was held at the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in rural Wales was particularly focussed on low-energy solutions which took the whole life of the building into account.  This was delivered as a series of lectures and a hands-on project where participants built the structural frame for a new Biomass Teaching Lab.

Roots Director Micheal, who took part in the course explained ‘Architects typically invest lots of ideas in drawings and then hand them over to someone else to build.  Although we always enjoy watching a project go on-site, we often want to get our hands-dirty and learn-by-doing.  This course was an excellent opportunity to improve fundamental practical skills and develop a methodology to resolving issues which come up during the construction process.

The tutors had a variety of backgrounds, from architects and carpenters to people with experience in community self-build projects.  While the participants ranged from people with a particular project in mind but with no experience, to people with some experience but no project in mind.  This combination of skills, interests and background knowledge made for a really interesting mix and we look forward to applying the skills on future projects.’

Photos from the event can be seen here.

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