Katie’s Cottage Windows, Shutters and Cladding Completed

, Subject : Design

Katie's Cottage ShuttersKatie’s Cottage sunroom extension continues to progress well on-site.  The windows, sliding external shutters and cladding have been successfully installed ready for the worst of the winter weather and now the internal works continue towards completion.

Roots Director Micheal commented, ‘The windows have always been the key part of this design.  They go around the corner and then slide away so they disappear, leaving the roof floating above you.  From inside, this frames the view out towards Balephetrish beach.  This system is more complex than a standard window so there was a lot to get right.  It was very satisfying that the installation of these windows was pretty seamless – it’s a testament to the hard work by everyone in advance.  It’s also exciting to see the sliding shutters and cladding getting fully installed – it really feels like the project is nearly there.  We look forwards to posting information about the finished building before too long.’

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