Tutoring Students at Design-Build Workshop

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Wiston Lodge, November 2012Roots Design Workshop Director Micheal joined a group of students on a three-day retreat to build one of their first interventions they had ever designed.  The event, held at Wiston Lodge near Biggar, was held by Year 1 Architecture Students from the University of Strathclyde, where Micheal is a part-time tutor.

The project explored how ‘to shelter’, as Micheal explains:  ‘The projects each took a different approach to shelter; some were fully enclosed and offered roofs and walls to protect from the elements, while others were more sculptural and focussed your view on a different part of the forest.  Regardless of which approach was taken all teams had to deal with the challenges of working in a group to a budget and deadline.  The students did really well and I look forwards to working with them further on their next design project.’

Micheal would like to thank Derek Hill for organising the event and Jonny and Micah at Wiston Lodge for their assistance on-site.

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