Work starts on-site at Marlborough Avenue

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Another Roots project has started on-site; this time it is the renovation of a tenement flat in the West End of Glasgow.  The project involves forming new openings in structural walls and insulating exposed walls and floors.  Micheal, a Director at Roots Design Workshop said ‘This flat will look unchanged from outside when finished but the inside will be transformed.  Our proposal will involve a new slapping and insulating one-hundred-year-old stone walls.  We’ve worked with the Scottish Lime Centre Trust to ensure the existing walls will suit a natural, breathable insulation.  This will reduce the chance of condensation forming in the original stone and causing damage to the building fabric.  Even a small project like this can throw up technical challenges and we really enjoy carefully working through the options until we reach the most sensitive design solution.’

More information about this project will be added as it progresses so please keep an eye on our website for future updates.

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