Oak Frame Shelter

, Subject : Design

Chris working on the Oak Frame brace, by Roots Design WorkshopRoots Director Chris is helping to deliver an Oak Frame Shelter for a local Community organisation in Bath.

The shelter will provide an external space for the Community Garden in Alice Park, in Larkhall, Bath. Over the next few weeks the shelter will be built by a team of volunteers and students, culminating in a  public ‘raising’ day. Participants are being given the opportunity to learn traditional techniques and become involved in all stages of the build.

Chris commented, ‘It has been a real joy to work with such a beautiful material, and with such a great group of people. The way of working is completely different from my normal working day; the pace is much slower and there is obviously a greater connection between myself and the actual architecture. It took a whole afternoon to scribe, cut and fit just one of the curved braces, but it was totally engaging.’

‘It has also been an invaluable lesson in how to conceive, plan and manage a live-build exercise, with both experienced and inexperienced participants.’

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