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Artist's Studio, Capton, Devon, Photo by Roots Design WorkshopWhilst on holiday in the south-west of England, Roots’ Director Chris saw this converted outbuilding.

The building originally served the adjacent Mill, but has been converted into an artist’s workshop by its owner.

Chris commented, ‘I was fortunate enough to meet the owner.  He is very passionate about the craft of building, and coupled with his desire to renovate this building as an outlet for his creativity, he has created a considered, precise and unique piece of architecture.  More than that, he has had fun; something which perhaps doesn’t happen as often as it should in building design and construction.

I thought the workshop was full of character, with so much to catch the eye; when we saw the hopper downpipe in action it brought a smile to our faces.  It makes a real positive contribution to the hamlet, and so in my opinion ranks as a really good piece of architecture.’

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