Roots Design Workshop was formed during a Masters course at Strathclyde University in the summer of 2009. Instead of doing a detailed building design in the University studio, we set-up a hypothetical business as a student project. We gave ourselves the aim of challenging how professional and sustainable architecture services could be delivered to remote and rural communities.

We immersed ourselves in traditional and vernacular building design, particularly on the Isle of Tiree, where we set ourselves up as ‘architects in residence’ delivering a series of free public exhibitions, craft demonstrations, seminars and design workshops through and from our mobile office.

The project was a spectacular success. Academically it brought the team distinctions. Professionally, many people clearly valued the time, experience and expertise we had brought to the island, as we were commissioned by a number of private clients to begin working on a range of exciting projects. Upon graduating we were therefore prompted to formalise the business.

Roots Design Workshop Ltd was incorporated as a limited company in February 2010. Since then we have built Roots Design Workshop into the award-winning sustainable architecture studio that it is today.

To find out more about our achievements and what people have said about us, please follow this link to our Recognition page.

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