Isle of Bute Forest Centre

  • Public
  • Isle of Bute
  • March 2013

A competition entry, Roots Design Workshop’s proposal seeks to create a contemporary rural public building.

The Brief was to create a Forest Centre for the Bute Community Land Company and was to contain Gathering, Workshop, and Bunkhouse spaces.

One of the Team’s main ambitions was to design a building that suited its rural setting. So, the mass of the building was broken up by distributing the accommodation in a number of separate forms, with different sizes of form reflecting different uses within, while the entire cluster was raised off the ground to accommodate the sloping site. Timber clad walls and profiled sheeting and grass roofs further reflected the forested location.

The buildings were sited and organised according to the needs of the accommodation within. For example, the public spaces faced the views to the east, while the Wet services were grouped together around the courtyard, and the private/night spaces were separated from the public/day spaces.

A passive energy approach lead to the development of a cloister around the courtyard such that it would act as a thermal buffer.  While the courtyard itself allowed natural light to enter the depth of the building. In addition to these passive measures, modern-day renewable energy technology was also included in the form of solar panels, a solid fuel stove, and a micro hydro scheme.

Roots Design Workshop believes that this proposal is a successful blend of spatial design, environmental design and construction design. The result is a building that is perfectly suited to its site and the people who will use it.


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Isle of Bute Forest Centre, by Roots Design Workshop