Sitooterie – Tog Studio 2013

  • Tog Studio Live-Build
  • Edinburgh
  • April 2013

The project started when Tog Studio was contacted by the Salvation Army and asked to help them deliver an outside space (a Sitooterie) for the residents at their Ashbrook LifeHouse in Edinburgh.  As part of the Tog Studio Team, Roots Design Workshop Director’s Chris and Micheal helped design the structure and deliver the ‘live-build’ that saw it constructed.

Initially a series of workshops were held between the Tog Studio team and the LifeHouse residents and staff in which design options were discussed and developed. Protoypes were then built of the chosen design before the structure was completed on site in three consecutive days by the residents and the Tog Studio team.

The design aims to create a flexible space, which can be used for a variety of purposes, taking advantage of the large garden site. The structure utilises a prefabricated ply box portal system, which was fabricated with the help of MAKLab. The frames of the structure are supported on simple paving slab footings and are clad in the BSW Rustic Range larch cladding and decking providing a partial enclosed space.   A film documenting the build can be viewed at the Tog Studio website.

Tog Studio deliver ‘live-build’ events. These are open to anyone with a passion for the craft of building; whether they are a student, an architect, an engineer, a trade apprentice or a member of the public. Tog Studio was conceived by a team of recent Scottish architecture and engineering graduates as a means to address the gaps they believed were missing from conventional education.  The emphasis is on teaching practical building skills and collaborative teamwork on real projects in beautiful locations. Tog is a Gaelic word meaning ‘build’, ‘raise’, ‘educate’ and ‘excite’; just what the team hopes to achieve.


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If you have a building project in mind, or simply require specialist guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer free no obligation design consultations to help projects get started, so we would be delighted to hear from you.

Roots Design Workshop is a professionally accredited architectural practice. We specialise in contemporary designs of traditional rural buildings. We have particular expertise in sustainable, energy efficient solutions. We offer architectural design and project management services.  We have experience of working on restorations, alterations, extensions and new builds.  Our Clients range from private individuals to national public bodies.  We work on feasibility studies, planning permissions, building warrants, technical specification packages and can manage building work on site.

Our aim has been to make our services available to the isolated and under-served communities in rural Scotland.

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Tog Studio's 'Sitooterie', Edinburgh; photo by Neil Boyd