Roots Design Workshop offer a wide range of professionally accredited architecture services. This reflects the complexity of the building industry, the rural environments we work in and the requirements of the modern day Client.

We can provide design, technical and project management services, which enables our Clients to have a single point of contact through a project. We also have a strong environmental design approach which is particularly important as the range and complexity of environmentally related Government targets and Building Regulations continues to grow.

Roots Design Workshop believe that working in this way adds the most value to our Clients. But please don’t just take our word for it, see what others have said about us.



Environmentally conscious building design is becoming more and more important. Roots Design Workshop understands this, so from the very first sketches or conversations we consider the project’s environmental performance.

As an award-winning sustainable architecture studio we keep up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. We use our unique Energy Reports as a way of researching and communicating this knowledge to the client. These reports provide clear, considered and concise recommendations as to how the environmental systems of a property can be developed.

They are relevant to new or old buildings and can be commissioned from us independent of any design work. Please contact us for more information on our environmental building design services.
  • Condensation risk analysis
  • Energy modelling
  • Fabric upgrade analysis
  • Heating systems
  • Passive systems
  • Re-newable systems
  • SAP Calculations
  • Zero-Carbon Technologies


Roots Design Workshop encourages a collaborative and inclusive approach to design. We fully involve the Client with all design decisions and remember we are there to assist them in their project.

We can present our ideas in a variety of ways so they can be easily understood, interpreted and responded to. Our attention to detail and careful consideration of the Clients needs and wants are some of our greatest strengths.

We pay great attention to a place’s history, its buildings and its environment.

Our aim is to create contemporary designs that satisfy our Client’s Brief and seek to respect and integrate with the existing site and surroundings. Please contact us for more information on our design services.
  • Brief development
  • Idea generation
  • Planning
  • Research
  • Visualisation


A high degree of technical knowledge is required to successfully deliver a modern day building project. Roots Design Workshop can offer that knowledge to our Clients.

As a sustainable architecture studio we ensure we are up-to-date with the latest technical advancements and requirements. We see it as our job to present the often complicated information to the client in a way that is precise, concise and easier to understand. Please contact us for more information on our technical services.
  • Building Warrant Application
  • Detailed Planning Applications
  • Measured surveying
  • Outline Planning Applications
  • Physical and Digital Modelling
  • Production Information packages
  • Tender Information Packages

Project Management

We understand that building projects can be extremely stressful. Complex legislation, long programmes and the involvement of countless consultants and manufacturers can make them difficult and time consuming to manage.

It is for this reason that Roots Design Workshop offers a full Project Management service. We can take on the responsibility of running the project, removing the daily burden from the Client. This role also serves to give the Client one point of contact and complete peace of mind. Please contact us for more information on our project management services.
  • Professionals consultation
  • Programme management
  • Project Administration
  • Public Body Consultation
  • Site visits
  • Supplier/Manufacturer Consultation


Our fees are drawn up specifically for each project after consultation with the Client. We present a detailed list of all relevant project tasks and the costs they will incur. This gives the Client the opportunity to review the fee and ensures there are no hidden charges.

We believe that our low overheads allow us to offer a high-quality and professional service at a fair rate. We hope that this will broaden the potential market towards people who may not normally employ an architectural practice.

Please feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and fee proposal.
  • Invoice reminder and receipt emails
  • Monthly or milestone invoicing
  • Negotiated fees
  • Project specific fee proposals
  • Transparent invoicing


We work all over Scotland, and we have delivered projects in some of the country’s most remote and isolated places.

Please visit our places page to learn more.